Treatments at Attabeyra Spa


Made with plants and vegetable oils specifically selected from Raíz Herbal and Moringaia to take care of your skin in the best way, providing what you need to shine again while highlighting your inner beauty. Add a facial massage to any facial for even more visible changes!

Herbalista Express Facial - 30 min

A quicker version of our classic Herbalista Essential.

Herbalista Essential Facial - 60 min

Rebalances and harmonizes the skin through a face cleanse, exfoliation, extraction, and application of a Dominican clay-based mask while enjoying a foot, hand or head massage. Also includes an application of a serum and eye contour full of natural active ingredients adapted to your skin type.

Clear Skies Facial - 60 min

A light and luxurious five step treatments made with the purest, freshest, truly natural ingredients from the island. Glow with Moringaia’s Miracle Oil based formulas, nutrient-dense tropical botanicals, and pampering essential oils. *For combination and oily skin

Fresh Bloom Facial - 60 min

A light and luxurious five step treatments made with the purest, freshest, truly natural ingredients from the island. Glow with Moringaia’s Miracle Oil based formulas, nutrient-dense tropical botanicals, and pampering essential oils. *For dry skin

Release Me! Facial Massage - 30 min

This facial massage is focused on releasing the face from any toxins through the lymphatic system. With the use of specific digito-pressure points and the help of the Jade Guasha Tool your face will feel more relaxed and open. With released embedded toxins, reduced inflammation and improved micro-circulation, your face can feel new again!

Up-Lift Me! Facial Massage - 30 min

This facial is focused on stimulating and activating the manufacture of collagen and elastic fibers. Specific firming and restructuring manual maneuvers as well as the jade-roller will be used to soften visible wrinkles and have a face lifting effect. Don't let the years take you down, show the world how you keep on smiling at life!

Face & Hair Masks

Put on your skin what you can put in your mouth! Add a fully natural face or hair mask to any treatment to receive a nourishing and hydrating effect to your experience. Hair masks may also be treatments on their own.

Avocado Face Mask - 20 min

Add the mask to any treatment! Extremely nourishing, thanks to the abundance of vitamin E, which really helps plump up your skin making those fine lines and wrinkles appear less noticeable. Also has anti-inflammatory benefits to fight acne.

Papaya Face Mask - 20 min

Add the mask to any treatment! The secret beauty nutrient in papaya is papain, an enzyme that has skin-lightening properties and can reduce the visibility of blemishes and acne scars. Leaves skin smooth and supple.

Aloe Vera Face Mask - 20 min

Add the mask to any treatment! Sun damage repair by excellence, as well as being sensitive skin's best ally to bring back moisture and lock it into the skin. Slows down the aging process with its antioxidant effect.

Rice Hair Mask - 30 min
Honey Coconut Hair Mask - 30 min
Aloe Vera Coconut Hair Mask - 30 min


Water in all its forms… Ice baths reduce inflammation, swelling and skin pores. Steam baths improve circulation, lower blood pressure, promote skin health and remove toxins. Water baths relax the body.

Ice Bath - 30 min

An ice cold water immersion of 2-10 minutes that helps flush the muscle's metabolic waste products. It also delivers much needed oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, which helps them recover.

Water Bath - 30 min

Immerse your body in a relaxing bath tub. Choose warm water for releasing tension and stess or choose it cool for a refreshing effect. Try our other water instalations like the Vichy Showers and High-Pressure Jet!

Steam Bath - 30 min

A steam bath that offers to open the pores of your skin and expel the toxins, while relaxing your muscle tissues and filling your lungs with essential oils chosen depending on your needs.

Body Wraps & Scrubs

Choose your scrub, wrap or seal for your massage. Scrubs and wraps are 30 minute treatments. Feel free to match and combine any of the options. Keep reading for all the magical options nature provides us on this island!

Cacao Wrap - 30 min

A great antioxidant because of its high magnesium content that contributes to the relaxation of the nervous system.

Mud Wrap - 30 min

Has high content of trace elements which are large cell regenerators and have an anti-rheumatic action helping with muscle and bone pain, improves blood and lymphatic circulation for a fat-reducing effect.

Aloe Vera Wrap - 30 min

Deeply moisturizing, refreshing and healing, perfect for soothing sunburn.

White Dominican Clay Wrap - 30 min

For dry and sensitive skin, rejuvenates the skin and adds shine.

Red Dominican Clay Wrap - 30 min

Tones and cleanses the skin, activates circulation and absorbs excess oils eliminating toxins accumulated in the pores.

Salt Scrub - 30 min

Purifies and provides essential minerals.

Coffee Scrub - 30 min

Anti-cellulite and activates blood circulation.

Honey & Sugar Scrub - 30 min

Softens the skin and helps with healing.

Cacao Scrub - 30 min

Smooths and rejuvinates skin.

Tantric Scrub - 30 min

Secret recipe for the Love Potion treatment.


All of the massages we offer integrate aromatherapy. Our therapists select the best essential oils adapted to your condition and preference. Choose any of these seals free of cost: coconut or macadamia oil, cacao butter, beeswax.

Relaxing - 30/60/90 min

A gentle massage over the skin, following the muscle contours (soft tissues) of the body.

Deep Tissue - 30/60/90 min

Focuses on realigning the deeper layers of connective and muscle tissue.

Head and Neck - 30 min

Shoulders, neck, head, face, all the way out the tips of your hair!

Hands & Arms - 30 min

Shoulder, upper arms, forearms, hands, all the way down to the fingers!

Legs and Feet - 30 min

Glutes, thighs, calves, feet, all the way down to your toes!

Reflexology - 30 min

Application of pressure to specific points on the feet to relieve tension.

Lymphatic Draining - 60 min

Specific movements applied to the circulatory system, eliminating waste accumulated in the fluids

Reactivating & Firming - 60 min

Reactivates blood and lymphatic circulation and eliminates the appearance of cellulite

Pre Natal - 60 min

A full body massage adapted to pregnant women that reduces tensions, pains, anxiety and stress.

5 Element Massage Rituals

Each element has its carefully chosen musical frequencies, essential oil blends, massage techniques and herbal infusions. These rituals will holistically guide you back to harmony and balance of your body, mind and emotions.

Earth - 30/60/90 min

This ritual is made to ground you. A warm essential oil with woody fragrance will bring you back to the deepest core of mother nature. Hot stones will be placed on your body to release tensions from your muscles, to then receive a deep tissue massage. It all ends with foot reflexology, focusing on connecting with your roots and sense of stability.

Fire - 30/60/90 min

This ritual is made to bring you energy. With a spicy fragrance oil blend, your senses will be activated. Quick and tonifying indian massage techniques will reactivate vital energy and blood flow in your body. The focus will also be on the solar plexus and stomach area, turning on the inner-warrior and freeing it from any blockages. Using hands as percussion along your body will leave you vibrating at a higher frequency.

Water - 30/60/90 min

This ritual is made to bring you flow. With a heart opening fragrance oil blend, you will be transported to an underwater world, balanced with the rhythm of the waves, so you return with more fluidity and harmony. Californian and lomi-lomi massage techniques will sway your body into deep relaxation. Heated herbal bags of rice and plants directly from our garden will be used throughout the massage.

Air - 30/60/90 min

This ritual is made to bring you sensitivity and mobility. Your senses will awaken with light strokes using peacock feathers. The uplifting fragrance oil will clear out any negativity. Your body will be stretched using myofascial release techniques, creating space in your muscle tissues and joints. The ritual ends with a neck releasing, face and head massage all the way to the tips of your hair, brushing any worries away.

Aether - 90 min

This ritual is made to realign your center. Crystals placed in each one of your chakras, balancing their energy field, connecting you with a divine essential oil fragrance. A short strong pressure will be placed on each trigger point of your body to release energetic blockage. Ending the ritual the way it started, harmony will be restored and the mind will be connected with the body through the heart, feeling whole and at peace.

SPA Packages

Each package is carefully designed with treatments that combine perfectly to receive the full effects of your experience. 

Spa Experience - 60 min

back scrub + 15 min back massage + express facial

New Skin - 2h00

steam room + scrub + wrap + 30 min relaxing massage

Jetlag Cure - 60 min

aloe vera and cucumber face mask, focused on hydrating the skin and reducing puffiness around the eyes while getting a leg draining massage + neck decontracting massage

Sun Bum - 60 min

aloe vera body wrap followed by a rose water face cleanse and aloe vera face mask finishing in a soothing oatmeal milk bath

Love Potion - 2h00
$250 per couple

Begin the treatment in a scented steam room, enjoy your intimacy in our outdoor shower giving each other a tantric scrub, and surrender to a 1 hour warming massage with aphrodisiac oils. Includes an aphrodisiac drink.

Beauty Treatments

We offer classic beauty treatments for some classic pampering, such as manicures and pedicures. You can also pick to wrap your hands and/or feet in a clay wrap or beeswax crap for the smoothest skin ever!

Manicure Express
Manicure Full
Beeswax or Clay Wrap for Hands & Feet

Sugar Waxing

This method is totally natural and done by hand by our own care and leaves the best results. Healing properties in the sugar residues allow a washing of the depilated area. The lemon and honey present in the wax offer purifying and softening properties.

Half Legs
Full Legs
Bikini Line
Bikini Plus
Upper Lip
Full Face

Kids Treatments

Your kids also get to enjoy some of the amazing treatments that we offer! Bring your little ones over to Attabeyra Spa so they spend the rest of the day nurtured and relaxed.

Yummy Facial - 30 min

Honey and sugar scrub, chocolate and banana mask + relaxing face massage with macadamia oil. Add a 15 min back massage for a complete first time spa experience! 5+ years old

Color My Nails - 20/40 min

Toxic-free Zoya nail polish for a fun mani only, or mani + pedi. 5+ years old

5 Element Super Power Massage

Find your 5 element super power! A blindfolded aromatherapy game, followed by a coconut oil massage. 30 minutes for $40 or 45 minutes for $50. 3+ years old

Cacao Therapy

Delight yourself with a full cacao therapy treatment by mixing a bath, scrub, wrap and massage all using only cacao ingredients. You may also pick just 1, 2 or 3 of the treatments if you don’t have time for the full experience.

1 treatment - 30 min

Choose one of either cacao bath, scrub, wrap or massage.

2 treatments - 60 min

Choose two of either cacao bath, scrub, wrap or massage.

3 treatments - 1h30

Choose three of either cacao bath, scrub, wrap or massage.

Full 4 treatments - 2h00

Choose three of either cacao bath, scrub, wrap or massage.


Wood therapy is an ancient body and facial technique that uses wooden utensils to help firm and shape the figure while relaxing. Different massages are performed with rollers of various sizes and shapes in the same session, making it possible to drain, tone, and eliminate fluid retention and localized fat/cellulite.

1 session - 60 min
10 sessions

6 sessions are 60 min, 4 sessions with colon cleanse are 1h15 + 8 yoga & fitness classes of your choice + daily detox juice (4 weeks total)

Thermal Therapy

The thermal cycle consists of alternating between hot (steam bath) and cold (ice bath) temperatures for the purpose of changing the cutaneous, intra-articular and core temperature of soft tissue with the intention of improving the symptoms of certain conditions and continuing with a period of rest.

1 session - 60 min

Alternating between steam room and ice bath for 1 hour (max 4 people for $200)


Welcome to Attabeyra Spa

We gather the powerful energy of the land and sea to focus on healing treatments that transport you to a magical experience of transformation.

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